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  • Syslog is a logging mechanism that records important system info and errors to RAM
  • Typically, syslog Ver 2.3 is printed on startup.
  • Log start addr typically is saved at addr 0x400a0400
  • Each log is 16 bytes
  • The log string has no null terminator (easy to confuse with compressed ROM)

First log / info struct

struct Initial {
  char msg[0x14]; // only this is null terminated
  uint16_t of_0x14;
  uint8_t of_0x16;
  uint8_t of_0x17;
  uint16_t of_0x18;
  uint16_t of_0x1a;
  uint16_t of_0x1c_curr_msg;
  // ...
  uint32_t of_30;
  // end

Each log

struct log {
  // addressed in uint32_t and uint8_t form
  uint8_t type; (0xf == signal, 0x72 == string msg  )
  uint8_t of_1_ret_from_thread;
  uint8_t of_2; // val @ fffa9c08
  uint8_t of_3; // 0

  uint32_t id; // magic number??

  char msg[8];

Log text

  • Most of the logs are abbreviations since only 8 bytes is allowed per log.
ENCD Encoder
RW Raw
SHA Shade
STRM Stream
FUL Full