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Fujihack project structure

Quick overview of Fujihack's code structure:



  • POSIX/Frontier compliant compatibility layer over Fujifilm's proprietary OS
  • Header files defining Fujifilm's proprietary OS API (ff_)


Submodule to Frontier. A basic hobby OS.


  • ARM32 assembly patches inserted directly into firmware.


  • PTP/USB utility for running code with the code execution patch. Can also quickly load the fujihack binary.


  • Each camera model that has been reverse-engineered has its own C header file. It holds information on the camera, including important addreses (stubs) in memory, firmware, and other important model-specific information.

  • Each file is named with the model code "xf1", "xt4", etc. Then an underscore, and the version code of the firmware that was analyzed. For example, if the version is "1.01", then the version code would be "101".

  • See template.h for a basic example. Memory addresses start with MEM_, firmware addresses start with FIRM_, and functions are defined with the NSTUB macro (which was stolen from Magic Lantern :))