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List of PTP Optcodes

See ptp.h
Also see @malc0mn's pip-ip library in Go. camlib attempts to have a complete implementation of Fujifilm's PTP/IP protocol

0x1001-0x100B, 0x100F, 0x1014, 0x1015, 0x1016, 0x101B
Fujifilm commands: 0x900C, 0x900D, 0x901D
Microsoft commands: 0x9801, 0x9802, 0x9803, 0x9805

Vendor specific commands can be used to upload firmware files to the camera


  • Create file


  • Possibly for sending file info


  • Write to file

These might be sligtly modified versions of 0x100C, 0x100D, and 100B (?)
Either way, they are very similar.